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The European People’s Party Group in the European Committee of the Regions

Representing your voice in Europe

Since its creation in 1994, the European People’s Party Group is a leading force in the European Committee of the Regions; the EU’s assembly of regional and local representatives. Given that approximately two-thirds of EU legislation is implemented by local and regional authorities, it gives locally and regionally elected representatives of government a say over the content of EU legislation and represents the interests of citizens living and working in the EU’s diverse cities, regions and municipalities. Local and regional politicians are also ideally placed to establish and maintain close links with European citizens. The EPP Group aims to enhance the efficiency and influence of the CoR through its formal and informal contacts with the other EU institutions and governments.

Under the motto “think globally – act locally“, the EPP Group strongly defends the principle of subsidiarity. This means that decisions should always be taken at the level closest to citizens unless a better result can be achieved by working at the national or European level.

The EPP, to which the Group belongs, is the family of the political centre-right and is chaired by Joseph Daul. The party counts on the Groups in the European Parliament and the European Committee of the Regions to defend and promote its values of democracy, transparency and efficiency by shaping common policies and putting citizens first.


Dr. Michael Schneider

EPP-CoR Group President


CoR mission statement


Europe starts in your village / city / region

The EPP grassroots engagement is an initiative launched by EPP local and regional leaders in view of the 2019 European elections to reconnect with people and restore their trust in the EU. It envisages a series of EPP local dialogues with citizens in all EU Member States. The aim of our initiative is to ensure that the expectations of people living in our cities and regions are reflected in the EPP programme for the 2019 EU Elections, in the priorities of the EPP Spitzenkandidat and in the next political mandate of the EU institutions.

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Communicating the work of EPP Group members and highlighting political priorities

Plenary opinions

The official position of Europe’s local and regional authorities to the EU

Recently adopted opinions

December 2018

Proposal for a Regulation on the European Border and Coast Guard

December 2018

Common Provisions Regulation

October 2018

The Multiannual Financial Framework package for the years 2021-2027

by CoR Rapporteur

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August 2018

Creative Europe & New Agenda for Culture

by CoR Rapporteur

Learn more

August 2018

European Agenda for Research and Innovation

by CoR Rapporteur

Learn more

August 2018

Artificial Intelligence for Europe

July 2018

Tackling online disinformation: a European approach

June 2018

Road Safety and Automated mobility

May 2018

The digital transformation of health and care

by CoR Rapporteur

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November 2017

Towards an 8th Environment Action Plan

Opinions in progress

Rail sector's potential in delivering EU policy priorities

The renewed territorial agenda and community-led local development

The African swine fever epidemic and its risks to rural development and the pork market in Europe

by CoR Rapporteur

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Sustainable Europe by 2030, follow-up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals: The Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Implementing the Paris Agreement through innovative and sustainable energy transition at regional and local level

Implementing the Clean Energy Package: INECPs

Strengthening STE(A)M education in the EU

Recommendations for the successful design of regional development strategies beyond 2020

Better communication of Cohesion Policy

by CoR Rapporteur
Adrian Ovidiu TEBAN

Learn more

Implementation report on public procurement

Towards a Sustainable Europe by 2030

by CoR Rapporteur

Learn more

Socioeconomic transformation of coal regions in Europe

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