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  1. We want a European Union with the people and for the people

We want a European Union with the people and for the people that starts in our villages, cities and regions. We need a European Union deep-rooted in the territories, based on democratic values. We need a European Union that meets peoples’ expectations. We want a strong and efficient European Union that empowers and safeguards our peace, freedom and prosperity. We wish to be proud of our identity as European citizens belonging to our cities, regions and Member States, united in diversity.

  1. We want to live in a sustainable European Union that protects and creates opportunities for its people

We wish for a European Union that protects us, our families, our way of life and our planet. We want a European Union that guarantees security by reinforcing its external borders and combatting extremism and nationalism within its borders. We need a family friendly European Union that offers equal opportunities, embraces the less advantaged and promotes a rich and inclusive society; a European Union that enables good education, quality health care, and job opportunities. We want a European Union that invests in local businesses, research and innovation that impacts people’s lives by treating incurable diseases, making our transport cleaner and our buildings more energy efficient.


  1. We need more cohesion between the European Union’s regions, cities and rural areas

We need a European Union of solidarity that ensures economic, social and territorial cohesion. We support cohesion as a fundamental European value since it creates opportunities for people from both richer and poorer regions, strengthens the single market and increases the sense of belonging in the European project. We believe it is crucial to reduce disparities between Europe’s territories and increase their competitiveness. We call for a digitalized, user-friendly and interconnected public European, national, regional and local public administration, as a precondition to provide efficient and effective services to citizens and businesses alike.

  1. We want a European Union that takes decisions closer to citizens based on the principle of subsidiarity

We stand for an efficient and democratic Union closer to its citizens. We believe that ownership and trust make people feel Europe, see Europe, be Europe. We must remember that politics knows no boundaries. This is conveyed through the trust of the people who vote for one European Parliament, 41 national chambers of parliament, 74 regional legislative assemblies, 280 regions and 80 000 local authorities. Local and regional authorities implement 70% of all EU legislation. They represent half of public employment, one third of public spending and two thirds of public investment. Regional and local leaders rely on the highest level of people’s trust so that they can solve local problems with European solutions in fields such as transport, energy, climate change, digitalization, but also migration, security and the fight against terrorism. Therefore, Europe and its Member States need more decentralisation and stronger regions with the necessary competences and resources to deliver results as close as possible to the people. European, national, regional and local politicians must work together for a Europe of proximity in order to respond to the realities of Europe’s territories. Together we must strengthen the Union’s democratic legitimacy in pace with the 21st century.


  1. The EPP family proposes a concrete way forward in the interest of all EU citizens

We, the EPP family of national, regional, local and European leaders are responsible for reaching out to all citizens, listening to their voices, meeting their needs and reinforcing the foundations of the European Union. Major reforms were successful and they have undoubtedly improved people’s lives. As the EPP family, we shall not limit the European project to Brussels based institutions. We have to communicate with courage and determination both what we have achieved on the ground and what we will achieve in the future, if we want to avoid the EU falling into the hands of Eurosceptics and populists. Together, we want to make our Europe a more dynamic, open and attractive home for its people. We commit to teaming up with the EPP Spitzenkandidat, Manfred Weber, to work as one, strong, united and responsible political family in the interest of our people.


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