“Local and regional politicians and their concrete involvement in the upcoming European election campaign will be crucial to reaching our citizens on the ground.”

This was the key message delivered by Michael Schneider, President of the EPP Group in the European Committee of the Regions (EPP-CoR), at the 25th EPP Congress in Helsinki on 7-8 November 2018.

Following today’s vote on the European People’s Party lead candidate for the next European Elections, President Schneider expressed his congratulations to the elected Spitzenkandidat Manfred Weber:

“The European Commission will continue to be in safe EPP hands with Manfred Weber at the helm and I congratulate him on his Spitzenkandidat nomination. Manfred has long been a friend of the EPP Group at the Committee of the Regions and has a deep appreciation for giving the regions and cities of Europe a voice at the EU table”

President Schneider went on to add that the EPP-CoR Group is committed to ensuring a successful outcome to the 2019 European elections for the party and for the citizens of Europe, and that Mr Weber can rely on his EPP colleagues at the Committee of the Regions for their support.

Engaging with citizens locally and rebuilding their trust in the European Union is now more important than ever. This is why the EPP has launched a Grassroots Engagement in view of the 2019 European elections with the motto “Europe starts in your village/city/region”. By organising a series of EPP Local Dialogues across Europe, EPP politicians representing local, regional national and EU levels can meet people, listen and engage with them, and make sure that their views are taken on board in the EPP programme for the 2019 elections and in the priorities of the EPP Spitzenkandidat.

“We want to show people how we can deliver concrete results on the ground for the benefit of our citizens. One of our main political goals is to connect with other EPP-led cities and regions, and work together, with support from the national and European levels, for a more cohesive and sustainable Europe”, said President Schneider. This was also the theme of yesterday’s EPP-Congress side-event, which highlighted the role of cities and regions in delivering sustainable solutions for citizens. More information on this event, co-organised by EPP-CoR and Kokoomus, can be found here .

A Europe closer to its citizens

The EPP-CoR group will welcome Spitzenkandidat Weber in Austria, where the EPP and the EPP-CoR group will organise a high-level event together with the Neue Volkspartei on 10 December. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will be one of the distinguished speakers who have already confirmed their presence at the event, entitled ‘A Europe closer to its citizens, a Europe that delivers and protects’.

More information on this event will be available shortly at: http://www.eppcor.eu/

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