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Apostolos Tzitzikostas

EPP candidate for CoR Presidency

As elected politicians, we must fight for decisions to be taken as close as possible to the citizens.

Apostolos Tzitzikostas, Governor of the Region of Central Macedonia, Greece,  elected as President of the European Committee of the Regions

Tzitzikostas’ vision for the new mandate of the CoR builds on putting the EU at the service of its people and their places of living in a sustainable, cohesive and inclusive way. One if his main aims is to modernise European democracy so that it answers efficiently the needs of the people in the future European Union. Tzitzikostas will also work on raising the profile of the CoR and its members both in Brussels and with Europe’s local and regional authorities.

Tzitzikostas has been Governor of the Region of Central Macedonia since 2014 and an active EPP-CoR member since 2015. He served as a Member of the Greek Parliament for Nea Dimokratia in 2007-2009 and is currently the President of the Association of Greek Regions.

The Governor of Central Macedonia in Greece will lead the EU’s assembly of local and regional elected politicians for the next two and a half years, during the Committee’s first sitting of the new five-year mandate.

Speaking in front of the Committee’s 329 members from all EU 27 Member States, the President laid out three main priorities during his term in office:​

First, the European Union must be at the service of its people and their places of living in their villages, cities and regions. We must support territorial cohesion, innovation, entrepreneurship, but also find credible solutions to managing migration led by solidarity. Secondly, regions and cities must focus on understanding and responding to the profound transformations of the current green, digital and demographic revolutions. Finally, we must strengthen European democracy, putting regions and cities at its very heart, in order to bring Europe closer to people.

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