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Olgierd Geblewicz

Group President

Our citizens have put their trust in us and we need to meet their expectations, focusing on the EU's impact on people's daily lives.

Olgierd Geblewicz, President of the Westpomeranian Region, Poland, was elected President of the EPP Group in the European Committee of the Regions in January 2020.

As EPP-CoR President, Geblewicz will work on reinforcing local democracy and addressing challenges such as the rise of populism, fake news and hate speech: “As Christian democrats, we have the responsibility to tackle these threats by strengthening our societies and restoring people’s faith in European values, solidarity as well as in our common interests.”

Geblewicz has been President of the Westpomeranian Region since 2010 and a member of the CoR since 2011. He is also President of the Association of Polish Regions and a member of the National Council of Civic Platform of Poland.

Follow President Geblewicz on Twitter: @OGeblewicz

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