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Jelena Drenjanin

1st Vice-President

"I want to contribute and be a part of building a strong, democratic and hi-tech Europe where citizens are engaged and optimistic about their future.
Citizens from cities, town, villages and municipalities know best and feel the effects of the EU in their everyday life and as local and regional authorities, it is our responsibility to bring their voice to Europe and Europe closer to them."

Jelena DRENJANIN serves as Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Huddinge.

She has been a Member of the European Committee of the Regions since 2011

and has become the 1st Vice President of the EPP-CoR Group in February 2020.



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Presidency is made up of the elected President, 1st Vice President and 8 Vice-Presidents.

Its duties are to:

  • ensure implementation of the duties designated by the Group Bureau
  • represent the Group inside and outside the CoR
  • support the President on Group matters,
  • and, in the event of an emergency, take decisions on behalf of the Group

EPP-CoR Vice-Presidents: