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The Conference on the Future of Europe

Welcome text from our President

“Our expectations for this Conference are nothing less than revamping the EU, so that it works with the people and for the people. This work starts in our villages, cities and regions.” Olgierd Geblewicz, President of the EPP-CoR Group made these remarks during the inaugural meeting of the Plenary of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Geblewicz, who is President of West Pomerania Region and President of the Association of Regions in Poland advocates for a stronger role of politicians with a democratic mandate since they are close to citizens and for permanent channels to facilitate participation of citizens. “We need less legislative burden and more regional and local participation in the design of new European legislation and the improvement of existing one. Regional and local authorities need to be in the center of this important work.”

Messages from EPP Ambassadors


This pandemic has dragged us all back with difficulties. This conference is like an arrow, just about to be shot, and its destination is the will to have a strong, stable and flourishing Europe. The dialogues between and with citizens will make our political goals relevant to our citizens, societies and companies. So these are the united steps to something great and new.

Jelena Drenjanin, 1st Vice-President of the EPP-CoR Group and Vice-Mayor of Huddinge, Sweden


The European Union was born out of the desire to live in peace after the wars that ravaged Europe in the 20th century; it was born out of the longing for freedom of those who suffered from totalitarianism, and it has been consolidated by prosperity and development brought about by economic integration and freedom. The Conference on the Future of Europe is a great opportunity to strengthen these values, the true hallmarks of the European project: peace, freedom and prosperity

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, President of Madrid Region


Regional parliaments are important mediators of the European idea in dialogue with citizens on the ground. They play a central role in the multi-level governance system of the European Union. As a representative of the German regional parliaments I would like to advocate for a stronger say of regional parliaments in the Conference on the future of Europe. We can build a sustainable and future-proof Europe only if we strengthen the democratic structures and involve the citizens through the regional parliaments as representatives of the people.

Ilse Aigner, President of the Bavarian State Parliament and CoR delegate on behalf of the Regional Parliaments of Germany


The Conference on the Future of Europe creates the opportunity to take the European Dream to the next level: that level where every citizen of the EU should think, act and be proud of its triple identity, local, national and European. The European way of life must be a full reality in every corner of the European Union.

Emil Boc, Mayor of Cluj-Napoca and former Prime Minister of Romania


The Conference on the Future of Europe aims to be democratic, placing dialogue with citizens at its heart and to bring people closer to European issues including climate change, environmental, democratic, digital as well as demographic issues. Europe is unique with strong values and must be a forerunner in various fields, working closely with its partners, particularly Africa which intends to reinvent itself. This conference must allow us to redefine certain priorities in order to create a stronger Europe and face our challenges.

Franck Proust, President of Nîmes Métropole and EPP Vice President


The Future of Europe begins in the communities of Europe. It starts with our citizens. We must not waste the unique opportunity the Conference presents for citizens’ participation. The Conference will address the things we want to change and improve in a Europe recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. The EU must work with and for our citizens in order to face all future challenges.

Ellen Nauta-Van Moorsel, Mayor of Hof van Twente and President of the Dutch delegation in the CoR

EPP Local Dialogue
Europe starts in your village / city / region.

EPP Local Dialogues are a series of events organised across Europe, bringing citizens and EPP leaders together to discuss European policies of local interest and gathering people’s expectations on the ground. The aim of the initiative is to make sure that the local and regional dimension of EU politics is part of the EPP programme for the 2019 Elections and of the next political mandate of the EU institutions.
Join the dialogue

On 21 November, László Majthényi (EPP/HU), President of County Council of Vas Megye organised an EPP Local Dialogue on “What can we expect after the 2019 European Parliament elections?” The event, moderated by EPP-CoR member József Ribányi, collected citizens expectations towards their regional and local leaders ahead of the 2019 European Elections. The guest of the EPP Local Dialogue in Szombathely was EPP MEP Gyula Winkler.
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