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Local and regional authorities implement more than two thirds of EU regulation. They therefore have an essential role in developing future European policies through the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality. Learn more about our positions and priorities:


Green Deal

Members of the European Committee of the Regions are calling for a Green Deal that delivers at grassroots level, while striving for action at global level.

Agriculture and Food

We are committed to develop synergies between the agriculture and food, as well as other policies to contribute to the well-being of the citizens.


The idea of a common citizenship lays at the heart of the European project and represents an essential factor in the formation of a European identity.


The Cohesion policy is the EU's main investment policy, which helps to protect existing jobs and create new ones in our regions and cities.

Culture and tourism

The link between culture and tourism is indispensable for the economic, social and territorial development of the EU.

Digital single market

The digital single market strategy is a significant policy tool which is helping regions stimulate growth, jobs as well as innovation.

Economic and monetary union

We need to make the Economic and Monetary Union more resilient to economic and financial crises and enhance the democratic legitimacy of its governance.

Energy, Environment and Climate Change

The local and regional level has a key role in developing smart approaches to energy, environment and climate change, shaping the communities of the future.

External Relations

Political developments in the countries at the EU's borders have a direct impact on the Union's prosperity, stability and security.


We are convinced that the EU's Integrated Maritime Policy should aim at revitalising local communities, increasing the competitiveness of coastal economies.

Smart regulation for SMEs and trade policy

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of Europe's economy but face many challenges, mainly related to red tape.


The Transport policy is one of EU's common policies, which contributes to the competitiveness of Europe and its regions

Youth unemployment

Tackling long-term unemployment is crucial in order to ensure a better future for the young generation and the well-functioning of local and regional economies.