Members of the European Committee of the Regions elected Markku Markkula, city councillor of Espoo (Finland) as its President for the new mandate today. He succeeds Michel Lebrun (Belgium), who was elected to the function last year. Markku Markkula will lead the CoR for two and half years, until June 2017, with smart growth, sustainable jobs and security amongst his priorities.

Upon his election, Markku Markkula, who since last year served as the EPP Group’s 1st Vice-President, presented himself:
“I am a man who believes in people, in the richness of the great potential of our young and older generations and in the great opportunities the European Union is offering to them to be lifelong learners, active citizens creating a better future for themselves and for all.”

The new President of the Committee of the Regions also outlined the priorities for his Presidency:
“We have to support all efforts made in our regions and cities and in Europe for a new wind of positive change in order to boost smart growth and sustainable jobs; jobs and growth cannot be only a question of strategy but also taking concrete measures every day on the ground. And these measures are based especially on societal and industrial innovations, on increasing the renewal capital.”  

Markkula’s Presidency will further concentrate on:

  • rebuilding the confidence of EU citizens
  • security in Europe against the threats challenging our fundamental freedoms
  • harmonised cooperation with other EU institutions and bodies
  • inclusive approach, giving stronger voice to the Members and political families within CoR

Markku Markkula will chair the first CoR Plenary Session of a new mandate, following his election as President and will preside over the discussions and adoption of several key opinions.

President of the EPP Group in the Committee of the Regions Michael Schneider has congratulated Markku Markkula his election and thanked outgoing CoR President Michel Lebrun for his achievements during the last presidency term.

Born in Kolari (Finland) north of the Arctic Circle on 15 July 1950, Markku Markkula has been a member of the Committee of the Regions since 2010 and actively participated in the work of the Commissions for Economic and Social Policy (ECOS) and Education, Youth, Culture and Research (EDUC). He is an expert in the fields of smart specialization, innovation management, and digital economy. He has been a chair of EPP-CoR Task Force on Europe 2020 and the Rapporteur on opinions such as ‘European Industrial Policy Package’, ‘Digital Agenda for Europe’, ‘Horizon 2020’, and ‘Closing the Innovation Divide’.

He works at the Aalto University as Advisor to Aalto Presidents. He is a former member of the Finnish Parliament (1995-2003). He has been the President of EPTA Council, European Parliamentary Technology Assessment Network and the Chair of the Espoo City Planning Board.

Married, Markkula has one son and two daughters. He loves to spend his free time fishing and hiking.

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